A lot of this blog is fangirling over Glee-related stuff (mostly Klaine), but I love anything funny and/or awesome. Also Chris Colfer. And Chris Colfer. With a bit of random other fandoms, meta, politics, and social justice thrown in.

Basically, I'mma geek it up here. So hard.

Sometimes I create stuff (art, graphics, fic). I file that under #my stuff.

THIS IS NOT A SPOILER-FREE ZONE. While I make every effort to tag spoilers and/or speculation, I occasionally forget in a fit of fangirling excitement.

My spoiler tags are #spoilers and/or #speculation. I used to use #glee spoilers or speculation.



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aninspiredemotion said: I LOVE THAT THEORY.

Thank you for messaging me to say that! I’ve been mulling over this idea in my head for 5 months, so it’s really really nice to be able to share it and see if it works for anyone else! And yay! It does!

(Link for anyone wondering what the hell is being referenced here.)

  1. girliesportsjunkie said: Gotta admit, that works for me.
  2. innypocket said: I just finished watching it with this a bit in mind and oh man. Yeah. I can see it.
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