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My SBL theory:

So there were a bunch of things that really kicked me in the feels in the movie, but the biggest one for me was Carson helping Malerie find her voice. It’s┬áthe thing that makes me choke up just thinking about it.

And to that end, here is my theory (that may be totally obvious and everyone reading this will be like “DUH” or may have everyone thinking I’m cray cray):

Malerie becomes a filmmaker and SBL is actually her creation because she found her voice through film and somehow she ended up with Carson’s journal and so she made a movie about this crazy asshole who helped her find her voice. And then died.

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  11. actingjunkie said: Not “duh” to me, INSPIRED actually. OMG - I have sooo many feelings relating to Malerie and what she learned. I WAS that girl w/a camera always taking pics (this was b4 cheap vid cameras); I ended up studying video production in college-REALLY!
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    I love this so much. Now my headcanon.
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