A lot of this blog is fangirling over Glee-related stuff (mostly Klaine), but I love anything funny and/or awesome. Also Chris Colfer. And Chris Colfer. With a bit of random other fandoms, meta, politics, and social justice thrown in.

Basically, I'mma geek it up here. So hard.

Sometimes I create stuff (art, graphics, fic). I file that under #my stuff.

THIS IS NOT A SPOILER-FREE ZONE. While I make every effort to tag spoilers and/or speculation, I occasionally forget in a fit of fangirling excitement.

My spoiler tags are #spoilers and/or #speculation. I used to use #glee spoilers or speculation.



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Oh Rachel Maddow, you are so wonderful with writing “HA HA HA HA HA” in the margin of a NYT article in reaction to a ridiculous comment by a Republican congressman.


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